Protests have stepped up all around Iran

Protests have stepped up all around Iran. In North Eastern Iran, the city of Mashhad which is the second biggest city in Iran, lead the news in organized and driven protests by Iranians of all social classes. Protests started at around noon in Mashhad’s Shohada Square, though other protests in various other cities

such as Nayshaboor, Kashmar, Birjand, Yazd and Shahrood were also ramping up. Iranians openly say that Iran’s collapsed economy and financial woes stem from the Khomeiniist regime officials’ rampant corruption and mismanagement. Among other complaints are that they have not received the economic benefits of the nuclear deal and are faced with continually rising prices.

Based on data from the Iranian Statistical Centre itself, unemployment has increased by 1.4 percent during the current fiscal year to 12.4 percent, meaning that approximately 3.2 million Iranians, out of a population of 80 million, are currently jobless. Those numbers however are not as reliable however, due to employer fraud and mismanagement of a large number of companies close to or owned by the Revolutionary Guards and various other regime authorities.

Protesters in Nayshaboor also chanted: “Let go of Syria, give some thought to our situation!”  Despite reports by a large number of international media outlets, an overwhelming majority of Iranians are enraged that the regime is not only meddling in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan, but that large amounts of money that should be earmarked for the people of Iran is being spent on terrorism, rather than invested on improving conditions for Iranians, at home. The Khomeiniist regime has backed Syria’s Bashar al-Assad with both military support and billions of dollars of economic aid.

Among other chants in Nayshaboor were: “Iranian youth, rise, rise” and “Thieves plunder and the regime protects them.” In the city of Shahrood, people marched and chanted: “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life is for Iran.” Videos posted by people throughout the day, showed large groups of protesters in the Holy, North Eastern city of Mashhad, chanting “Death to Rouhani” and “Death to the Dictator”.

Also in Mashhad, other protesters chanted: “You’ve turned Islam into your pedestal from where you harass people.”

In this long video groups can be heard chanting: “When there is no Shah in Iran, there is no accountability.”  At one point, further into the video, as the regime’s guards appear to arrest and attack protesters, people begin to intervene, in order to protect the guard, rather than physically harm him.

Throughout the years, in many protests, the people of Iran have taken pity on the guards, this being one of those instances. On the other side of Mashhad’s Shohada Square people defended themselves by throwing rock at guards who shot at them with rubber bullets.

And more rocks were thrown as the guards began to launch tear gas into the crowds. In an interview with the Iranian State media outlets, Mohammad-Rahim Norouzian, Mashad’s Governor called the protests “illegal gatherings spurred by enemies of the Islamic Republic and countering the Khomeiniist revolution.”

Finally, following a great deal of prevarication and double-talk, Mashhad’s own Friday prayer leader, Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda confessed: ” Not only today are we ashamed of our economic, welfare, subsitance and livelihood management failure; but over the course of 40 years, with so much dysfunction and mismanagement, that we are ashamed of the people.”