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ISICRC Noteworthy Excerpts for June 25, 2018

ISICRC Staff Today Khamenei’s dictatorship was challenged like no other time since 1989. This time #Iranians no longer want reform. 2009 failed. This time they’re demanding the end of a regime. — Alireza Nader (@AlirezaNader) June …

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Protests in Abadan Over the Water Crisis

ISICRC Report June 25, 2018 Residents of the Province of Khuzestan protest severe water shortage, chanting for the governor to “get lost.” As the water shortage across Iran continues, due to the Khomeinist regime’s perpetual mismanagement, …

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Game of Peacock Thrones

The days of the Islamic Republic of Iran may be drawing to a close. What next?   By SOHRAB AHMARI  JUNE 18, 2018 Source: Commentary Magazine Soon after the Ayatollah Khomeini returned from his Parisian exile in …

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