March, 2018

February, 2018

  • 28 February

    Iran’s Zarif forced to ask German military for help to refuel his official jet

    German supplies refuse to fill-up Iranian airplane as US sanctions battle unfolded in Munich Iran’s foreign minister sought help to refuel his official jet from the German military after private companies operating at Munich airport refused …

  • 27 February

    Nationwide strike by business owners throughout Iran

    Nationwide strike by business owners throughout Iran As the driver/videographer in this video explains: this was filmed in the city of Baneh in western Iran, where yesterday, Saturday, February 24th (which is NOT considered a weekend …

  • 27 February

    The Story of Obama’s Ransom Payment to Iran Gets Worse

    America paid Iran $1.7 billion in cash—funds that by law were not to be released unless and until Iran paid what it owed to American victims of its terrorism. on the morning of January 17, 2016, …

  • 27 February

    Democrat’s FISA memo doesn’t refute GOP charges

    For all the hype and breathless commentary by Democrat cheerleaders in the media, the memo released on Friday by the House Intelligence Committee Democrats fails to live up to its key claims. It provides no information to disprove the Republican …

  • 26 February

    Former Iranian Intelligence Minister Reveals Prison Deaths

    TEHRAN- Former Minister of Intelligence and Security, Mulllah Ali Yunesi (center) reveals that Iranian-Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi (left), imprisoned in Evin, was murdered by Islamic Judge Saeed Mortazavi (right) almost 14 years ago. At the time …

  • 26 February


    Former IRGC commander threatens to nuke Israel – and why he’s for real. Maj. General Mohsen Rezai founded Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the early days of the revolution, upon the personal orders of Ayatollah …

  • 25 February


    Holland won’t grant her asylum. UTRECHT, Netherlands — To the dozens of revelers of this city’s main Purim party, a Jewish grandmother who cooks the event’s annual Persia-themed holiday feast is a rare communal asset. Since …

  • 23 February

    A death in an Iranian prison is one more shocking sign of repression

    AS POPULAR pressure on Iran’s repressive regime has mounted in recent months, so has its brutal treatment of people accused of being agents of foreign powers — especially those with Western passports. On Feb. 11, Tehran’s prosecutor announced …