Iranian hitman linked to Irish gangsters ‘Gucci Gang’ killed in Ireland in apparent revenge attack

By Paulina Dedaj
Source: FoxNews

An Iranian national suspected of working as a hitman for a group of gangsters known as the “Gucci Gang” was shot dead in Ireland on Tuesday in an apparent revenge killing for the murder of two of his fellow associates.

Hamid Sanambar, 41, was reportedly shot in the head and chest outside the home of his driver, Sean Little, 22, who was found dead, beside a burning car, from an apparent gunshot wound on May 21, The Irish Sun reported.

Irish police believe that three masked men carried out the killing on Sanambar, believing that the Iranian turned on Little, a source told the paper. Sanambar was shot at least twice on Tuesday while visiting Little’s home in Coolock, Dublin where sources say he was attempting to clear his name in both of last week’s killings

Sanambar, an Iranian asylum seeker who had been living in Ireland for more than five years, was also linked to a second murder just hours after Little’s body was found. He had distinctive tattoos of a scorpion on his ear, as well as two teardrops under his eye.

Hamid Sanambar, 41, was shot dead on Tuesday in an apparent revenge killing for the murder of two of his fellow associates. (Collins Agency)

Little’s friend, Jordan Davis, 22, was gunned down in the middle of the day on May 22 in North Dublin while walking with his partner and young child, The Irish Sun reported separately.

Police believe that the two young men were reportedly caught up in a feud between the Kinahan cartel, a group affiliated with the “Gucci Gang”, and a west Dublin mob, according to the outlet. The “Gucci Gang” is led by a man known only as Mr. Flashy, because of his taste in clothes and jewelry, according to the Irish Mirror.

Both Little and Davis were thought to have ties to the Kinahan group.

However, police suspect that the two men could have been lured to their deaths by Flashy’s own associates, suspicions that may have led to Sanambar’s killing.

Sanambar was reportedly a hitman for Flashy and was once treated as a suspect in the December 22 killing of Eric Flower, a man who was involved in a dispute with the “Gucci Gang” boss.

A body, believed to be Sanambar’s, is loaded into an ambulance at Kilbarron Avenue where a man was shot dead on Tuesday. (Collins Agency)

John Lyons, a Dublin city councillor, visited the scene of the crime, saying: “After visiting Kilmore, the site of third shooting in just one week on the northside of Dublin, I demand that the Garda Commissioner and Minister for Justice visit the area to explain to concerned residents how they are going to deal with the escalating violence in north Dublin.”

He added: “There is a sense in the area that things are getting completely out of control, murders being committed in heavily residential areas in broad daylight.”


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