US calls on the Egyptian Government to help with Iran sanctions




As Iranian exports of iron and steel to Lebanon through Syria increase, some sources report of US efforts to stop Iranian exports.

Lebanese companies importing iron and steel say the two metals are smuggled into Lebanon in large volumes from Iran.  Iranian ships are said to unload their metal cargo at the port of Latakia, and the metals are then transported to Beirut by truck, where they are sold at cheap prices, less than $150 a ton.

Americans have called on the Egyptian authorities to take steps to prevent Iranian iron smuggling, by blocking Iranian ships that cross through the Suez Canal to reach the port of Latakia, in Syria.

Lebanese iron and steel importers are said to be concerned about Iranian iron and steel have saturating the Lebanese market. It has been alleged that Iranian iron and steel arrive in Lebanon without any necessary inspections.

The Iranian regime receives the money for export in cash and in foreign currencies.