ISICRC Noteworthy Excerpts for July 2, 2018



Pooneh market in the Tehran suburb, Karaj, set on fire by what is presumed to be Khomeiniist regime agents.

Below: Today 760 stalls owned by mom & pop vendors, at Pooneh Market in the Tehran suburb, Karaj, were set on fire. The person narrating the video says that no one is being held accountable and that they’ve been deprived of their livelihood. He goes on to say that this would not have been done by some average person(s) and that those responsible for setting the fire obviously enjoy protection (meaning that they are quite clearly backed by the Khomeiniist regime brass); otherwise, the culprit would have been found already.

This type of occurrence is now the Khomeiniist regime’s signature and very much in keeping with their daily abuse of independent vendors throughout Iran.