Germany’s Bild newspaper details why Europe and specifically Germany & Austria should not host leaders of the Khomeiniist regime.



On Tuesday, July 3rd, Germany’s Bild newspaper published an item detailing reasons why “the red carpet should not be rolled out for terrorists”.  Bild which enjoys the eighth-largest circulation worldwide with a daily readership of approximately 4 million readers, laid out five reasons why Europe, specifically Germany and Austria should avoid hosting leaders of the Khomeiniist regime. Below is a translation of said article, written by Antje Schippmann.

As Europe threatens to collapse as a result of the refugee crisis, one of the key figures – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani – arrives in Vienna for a state visit. With military honors, a man will be received there on Wednesday, whose generals and militias carry the Islamist terror into the world.

Dear Chancellor Short, dear President Van der Bellen – BILD gives you five good reasons why you should send Rouhani and his entourage straight back home.

  1. Your guest’s regime has kept a very special record for years: it is the “world’s largest state terror sponsor”. Means: It arms and finances Islamist militias such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad.

This terror not only hits the Middle East, it has long reached Europe. Do you remember the Hezbollah suicide bombing at Burgas airport in Bulgaria 2012? Seven dead. Or the series of attacks in Europe against the opposition in the 1980s and 1990s? 18 dead, also in Vienna and Berlin.

► Only last year was an Iranian agent convicted of spying on a German politician for the purpose of planning an attack. At the beginning of 2018, Iranian agents flew in all over Germany, who had spied on Jewish institutions – including kindergartens – as targets.

► And this weekend, an Iranian diplomat was arrested in Germany, apparently preparing an explosive attack on a conference in Paris. This man, an agent of the Iranian secret service MOIS, is accredited as the third embassy council of the Islamic Republic in Austria. In plain English: from Iranian soil, the Iranian regime is organizing state terrorism and bomb attacks in the middle of Europe.

Her guest Rouhani, as Chairman of the National Security Council himself, was involved in planning the attack overseas for many years. Under his leadership u. a. In 1994, the assassination attempt on the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, 85 dead. The Argentine prosecutor, who wanted to hold Iran’s leadership accountable, was assassinated in 2015 in an unsolved way.

  1. Iran is largely responsible for the duration and brutality of the Syrian war and thus for the resulting refugee crisis. Half the population had to flee since the beginning of the war, more than eleven million Syrians. The overwhelming majority were bombed by dictator Assad and his Iranian partners from their cities. There were and are militias under Iranian command, which drive millions of Syrians into flight. Afghanistan has a similar picture: the Iranian military is massively training the Taliban to fight against NATO. By the way, thousands of Afghans are being bombed by the Islamists. And Iraq faces a similar scenario. Europe can not debate the refugee crisis while courting the main culprits.

  1. Iran’s leadership wants to destroy Israel. This is no secret, but is regularly proclaimed by the Iranian leadership itself, loud and clear.

Example complacent? A big clock was revealed on a public square in Tehran, with a countdown to the end of the Jewish state. According to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, it should be ready in 2040. Incidentally, Khamenei likes to call Israel a “cancer.” Meanwhile, the regime continues to build on its rocket arsenal and generously equips the militias on the borders of Israel. About 160,000 rockets are currently in the hands of Hezbollah alone.

  1. Iran’s population suffers from Rouhani’s regime and now needs Europe’s support. Instead of solemnly receiving the man under whom Iran set a death record, you should meet the dissidents. For example, the brave women who have protested for months against the headscarf compulsion and are imprisoned and mistreated by the moral police. Or human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has represented some of these women and has now been jailed for doing so. Only last weekend, at least four demonstrators were killed by the regime’s security forces. The support for the demonstrators is in our very own European interest because these people share our values. The Iranians, who want to live in freedom and peace, have protested for months that Rouhani’s regime is paying billions of terrorist groups in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. The regime plunges the entire region into chaos, the consequences also hit Europe – and you want to reward it with military honors and festive receptions?

If you, dear Mr Kurz, Mr Van der Bellen, betray the Iranian dissidents, then you betray European values as well.

  1. And last but not least: the nuclear deal and European rapprochement have NOT led to the hoped-for opening, but have fueled the regime’s aggressive course. The crazy thing is, whoever does the same and expects different results – for almost 40 years now, Europe has been trying unswervingly for the “critical dialogue” with the mullahs’ regime. Do you really still expect a different result? Do you want to hope for another 40 years that the mullahs will eventually stop the terror, if only we are nice enough to them? Europe should finally take the mullahs seriously in their hostility towards their neighbors, their own people and our way of life.