ISICRC Noteworthy Excerpts for July 4, 2018



Tehran’s New Working Hours

The Khomeiniist regime run media outlet, Tasnim reports that in accordance with the mandate of Tehran’s provincial governor,

Tehran’s provincial governor, Mohammad-Hossein Mogheemee

Mohammad-Hossein Mogheemee, permits the regulation of the hours of government agencies, offices, banks, municipalities and other public non-governmental organizations working hours in Tehran set to 06:00-14:00 Air Conditioning temp regulated to 25ºC and to be shut down after 13:30 to combat electricity shortag

Mogheemee said: “Due to reduced rainfall and a low levels of dam waters, the electricity generated from the hydroelectric power station is operating on 5,000 megawatts, rather than 9,000 megawatts and we face electricity shortages in the country.”

Below: Images of the bazaars that go for hours on end in the heat, without any electricity

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Rage against the Khomeiniist Regime: Grave of a Mullah vandalized


The tomb of Imamzadeh Seyed Noor-e-Din Mohammad, located in Jahrom, was destroyed by unidentified individuals. The head of the endowment of the city of Jahrom, confirmed the news that the necessary documents and reports have been submitted to law enforcement agencies. 

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