ISICRC Noteworthy Excerpts for June 30, 2018 – Khorramshahr In Blood


Abadan, in the South Western Province of Khuzestan (bordering on Iraq) is the hub city for Iran’s oil industry. Four decades of mismanagement by the Khomeiniist Regime and now there is no water and no air!

As the second day of protests against the Khomeiniist regime rage on in the South Western city of Khorramshahr. Area residents are protesting the unavailability of clean usable water in a region where temps can reach up to 53º Celsius. The regime’s security forces however have started brutal suppression of the protesters by shooting at protesters with automatic weapons and machine guns. So far eight people have been reported killed by the regime’s security forces.

Brave protesters filmed the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Special Unit on motorbikes, while spraying protesters with a hail of bullets from AK-103 assault rifles. Protesters have begun defending themselves by shooting back at the IRGC Special Unity and their notorious Basij militia arm. Protesters have managed to grab AK-103 assault rifles from security forces. Others fight back by throwing rocks at the security forces. 





Below: A resident of the Province of Khuzestan lets the tap run as he videotapes the water that comes out. The water is all mud and filthy. The person in the video asks: “Would you leaders and officials of the regime drink this water? Would you bathe in it?…”


Below: Small amounts of mineral water being doled out to area residents.