Khamenei’s diplomat-terrorist in Germany was organizing terror attacks on Iranian faction’s conference in Paris, with Tehran’s agents in Belgium


Two Iran men with Belgian citizenship were arrested on Saturday in Brussels, on charges of attempting to bomb a gathering of a group of opponents of the Khomeiniist regime in Iran, on the outskirts of Paris.

In this regard, a diplomat of the regime in Tehran, has also been arrested in Germany (pictured below), who has been in contact with the terrorists arrested in Belgium. His name has been announced by German media as Asadullah A.

A correspondent for the German newspaper Bild tweeted that Assadullah A. had delivered explosives to two other members of the Belgium-based group and ordered the attack.

Several others were also arrested in France and are currently held for interrogation.

Belgian police announced on Monday, that they had arrested the two Iranian-Belgians who were planning to launch a terrorist attack on the Iranian Mojahedeen Khalq faction, who were holding their annual party gathering in France.

The Belgian prosecutor has stated that the two were citizens of the country but they were Iranian and arrested on Saturday in Brussels.

According to reports, these two suspects were in possession of 500 grams of home-made explosives when they were arrested by the police yesterday. Police said an improvised explosive device was discovered in their car as well.