Latest news from Iran: Police clash with dervishes, at least 3 killed

Feb. 19, 2018

Police clash with dervishes in Tehran; at least 3 police dead. Dervishes of the Gonabadi denomination clashed with security forces in front of a police station in northern Tehran today to demand the release of arrested Sufis, Reuters and BBC Persian are reporting. Cellphone videos show a bus driving in a formation of police charging protestors in full riot gear.

Regime officials have acknowledged that three policemen died in the clashes. YouTube video of the clashes is available here and here.

Feb 11, 2018

Reza Pahlavi says regime supporters have infiltrated US-government funded Voice of America and Radio Farda. In a Skype interview with an Iranian exile television station in London, the oldest son of the former Shah accused pro-regime “moderates” and “reformers” of slanting the coverage of U.S. government Persian-language media in favor of the regime.

Speaking with former VOA host Bijan Farhoodi, Pahlavi said that VOA and Radio Farda needed to be purged of such persons, because the Iranian people want to get rid of the regime and not reform it. “The main issue with these outlets is the infiltration of reformists in their ranks [who] try to perpetuate the reformist discourse, which helps the regime stay in power,” Pahlavi said. “There needs to be a complete purge of these reformist elements in these outlets, because the Iranian people have called the legitimacy of the entire theocratic system into question and are no longer interested in reforming it,” he added.