Spying charges leveled against Germany’s Ambassador to Iran by members of the Khomeiniist regime

ISICRC Reports


A Khomeiniist regime newspaper has accused Michael Klor-Berchtold, German ambassador to Iran of being part of the German intelligence agency and having close ties to Israeli intelligence, Mossad.

According to Sputnik’s Farsi section, a Khomeiniist regime newspaper wrote: “Concurrent with the intensification of Germany’s anti-Iranian actions in recent weeks and months, especially in the case of the arrest of an Iranian diplomat, the German ambassador to Tehran actively works to portray himself and his country as a friend Iran and the Iranian people.”

Michael Klor-Berchtold on one of his trips around Iran, photographed with two locals in the Central Alborz region.

The report claims: “The arrest of Asadollah Asadi, a diplomat with Iranian immunity for 3 months, “depriving him of the most obvious rights, such as the visit, accompanying other European countries to a new boycott of Iran in late November, as well as the involvement of German economic companies with US sanctions last summer. The outbreak of anti-Iranian and anti-Iran measures is that its ambassador to Tehran is now trying to show himself close to the Iranian people.”

Assadollah Assadi

The newspaper further alleges that Klor-Berchtold is a member the German Information and Security Service (BND), and has worked for 28-year under diplomatic cover for the service. He has also served as deputy head of the German intelligence agency at some point.

The report goes on to assert that Klor-Berchtold has been in charge of helping the Israeli intelligence service while serving as a diplomat, for several years at the German embassy in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, now, Berchtold is carrying out his diplomatic mission in Tehran.