This is not Gaza, this is Iran! (Updating)

May 20, 2018

ISICRC Special Report

This report has been updated throughout the continued days of clashes; please scroll down for chronological reporting and videos.

On Wednesday, May 16th, Khomeiniist regime leaders in Kazeroun, province of Fars, arrested dozens of protesters who gathered in front of a police station calling for the release of detainees. The guards opened fired into the crowd. Unconfirmed reports claim at least 6 protesters have been killed and many injured.

This regime brutally suppresses its own people let alone innocent civilians of other countries it considers enemy.

Photos and videos below: 



Below: Protesters chant: “We are women and men and we fight together.”

Below: Protesters chant: “Our enemies are right here (meaning the Khomeiniist regime), they lie to us, when they claim it’s the United States!”


Below: A tweet from Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi 

Below: A tweet from Iranian activist 

Below: Security forces go from area to area in the town of Kazeroun, hunting down protesters.

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UPDATE for May 17 & 18, 2018


Below: Protesters of all ages chant: “I swear to the blood of the martyrs, that we will come to fight you everyday.”

Below: Anti-riot vehicles parked along the streets of Kazeroun

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UPDATE for May 19, 2018

Below: As clashes enter day four, the internet remains entirely throttled in Kazeroun and protesters are unable to either upload or send any information. . Reports indicate that any information coming out of the area comes through protesters driving to nearby cities and areas where the internet, though still limited is operational.

Below: Regime agents shoot at protesters from rooftops with automatic assault rifles and Kalashnikovs 

Below: Protesters chant against Rezazadeh, the regional member of the Islamic Parliament (Majles) who gives and receives bribes.

Below: A brave woman filming the Khomeiniist regime’s agents bravely fights back against them when they attack her and demand she stop filming. She replies by asking the guard: “What are you afraid of? What are you trying to hide? Aren’t you a child of this land? Aren’t you ashamed that you’ve made our youth into killers so that they can kill our innocent people…people like you. Don’t you hail from within the heart of this nation? I spit on this system. Look they’re Daesh…what else would you call them. These are exactly Daesh. No one is afraid of you or these things anymore…”

Below: Same woman is now attacked by the guards, as she tells them to get lost.

Below: More Khomeiniist regime snipers shooting at protesters from rooftops, with automatic assault rifles and Kalashnikovs.