Two Iranians arrested in a raid of a Sofia warehouse containing a huge weapons arsenal

ISICRC Reports


On Wednesday, December 5th, Bulgarian authorities announced that they had discovered an ammunition cache containing more than 100 automatic weapons, including Kalashnikov rifles.

The Bulgarian security service arrested two Iranians and five Bulgarians during in the raid on the ammunition warehouse. The group is said to be headed by one of the Bulgarians arrested. The defendants also had a fake document printing machine, which was also seized by security forces.

The warehouse embedded in a Sofia garage, contained 67 Kalashnikovs, 37 Scorpion handguns, 43 Colts, 8 kilograms of gunpowder and 50,000 cartridges all of which were seized.

In a press briefing, Boiko Borisov, Bulgarian prime told journalists: “Until now, I have not seen such a cache with this volume of weapons, not to mention weapons like the ones we use for our special forces.”

Director of the Office for the Eradication of Organized Crime Yvoaloyo Sveridinov also said that this ammunition warehouse is likely meant to be delivered to a specific destination in Europe.